How much does certification cost?
Nothing! We created the Aero Certification program to help you and your staff learn how to use Aero.
Do you have to be an Aero user to get certified?
No. Anyone can register and learn all about Aero.
My username/password isn't working!
Make sure that you have registered for this certification site. This is separate from the Aero App and you need to create a username and password for the certification program. 
I requested a link to reset my password and I haven't gotten it yet
It can take a little while for the email to go through. Be patient.
Will my boss be notified that I'm certified?
No. This certification program is completely separate from the Aero App. If your firm wants proof that you’re certified, you can show them your certificate.
Where can I find my certificate?
Log into the certification site and scroll down until you see “Your Certificates” in the footer. Any certificates will appear as a clickable link. Click the link to see the certificate and print it (if desired). 
Why do I have some weird name on my certificate?
You probably need to update your Profile. Login and click on My Profile. Make sure that your first name and last name are filled out and then scroll down to where is says “Display Name publicly as..” Choose the name that your want on your certificate from the dropdown menu. 
How do I put my certification badge on my website/LinkedIn page?
Log into the certification site and scroll down until you see “My Achievements” in the sidebar. Any badges you’ve earned will be there. Simply right-click on the image, choose to save the image or copy the image address and then place it on your website.